NHS launches technology enabled care campaign

A new campaign launched by NHS Education for Scotland (NES) is encouraging people to use everyday technology to control and manage their own health, care and well-being.

The NHS campaign centres on two new animated resources. This looks at how two different people – Bridget and Hew – use technology to improve the way they experience health and care.

Bridget is comfortable using a wide range of devices, while Hew is less familiar with new technologies. Both are able to use technology in their own way to help them take control of their health and care.

The campaign shows Bridget using video messaging apps to speak to her GP. As well being used to send, share and receive clinical information electronically to avoid unnecessary hospital visits.

Hew is not quite as comfortable with new technologies as Bridget. However, he is still able to stay in control of his own care using his mobile phone. In the animation, he makes multiple visits to his GP, hospital clinic, optician and pharmacist each month, and relies on text message reminders to help him manage his schedule.

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