After a major operation, traumatic time or serious diagnosis, home care can ensure that you remain comfortable and happy in your own home. At Personal Touch Care Services we offer a range of services that can help with the rehabilitation process.


  • Waking Nights During Rehabilitation

    • If you or your loved one regularly wakes in the early hours, waking nights carers may be something that will help ease this stressful time. Whether it is part of the rehabilitation process or due to a loss we can help.
    • With this service, carers can arrange to visit your loved one at any time of the night. We will then ensure that your loved one is safely asleep or sit and keep them company if they have woken up. Nighttime can be an anxious time, so our carers visit to make sure that your loved one is calm and well looked after whatever time of night.


  • Sleep-In

    • If you or your loved one becomes anxious or suffers from restless nights, we offer a sleep-in care service to suit you.
    • With this carers will sleep under the same roof as you or your loved one, to ensure that they are well cared for, even in the early hours. For some people, the night time can be especially risky, if they need to get up to use the toilet. If you or your loved one wakes in the night in confusion or has mobility issues, this can lead to falls or a trip in the night. Our caregivers can help with this to ensure that you or your loved one is safe.
    • For families having a carer that your loved one knows and trusts, sleeping under the same roof, can provide you with reassurance and confidence that your loved one is being well looked after even in the early hours of the morning.


  • Joint Replacement Rehabilitation Care

    • At Personal Touch care Services we frequently look after patients following serious surgeries. We provide short and long term care packages that can start as soon as you are discharged by the hospital. Our carers can undertake various household chores or provide social support to ensure that you aren’t missing out on companionship or care after a serious operation. Call us on 725356 to find out more about these care packages.


  • Palliative Care

    • When your loved one is seriously ill we can be on hand to provide support and committed care. Our services focus on providing relief from the symptoms, pain, and stress of a serious illness. This care could involve but is not limited to, daily assistance, medication support, preparing meals or running errands. One of the benefits of our palliative care is that it allows your loved one to spend their time in their own home, where they are most comfortable. Having care provided at home means less disruption for everyone. Friends and family can also visit easily. Round-the-clock care means that any changes in condition can be noticed and responded to quickly.


  • Bariatric Rehabilitation Care

    • After a stressful and serious surgery, our rehabilitation team are here to provide you with support. This could include helping with daily tasks such as light housework, running errands or bathing.
    • If you’re interested in learning more about specialised care please call 725356 to speak to our expert team.


  • Respite Care

    • Respite care can provide some much-needed break from the responsibilities and demands of caring for someone during the rehabilitation process. Our respite care is a way for you to take time for yourself, go on holiday or go back to work. Safe in the knowledge that your loved one is well looked after. We also find that respite care gives your loved one a chance to socialise with new people. Thus, they have a better sense of independence after long periods of care.
    • Respite care as a partnership between yourself and our carers, working together to ensure both you and your loved one are receiving the highest quality service and care.
    • We work with you to create a bespoke care plan. We can start with small breaks, building up a relationship of trust between carers and your loved one. This makes the transition process as smooth as possible for both you and your loved one.
    • Respite care can be a massive adjustment for families and individuals. However, with our understanding care team, we are continually providing the best respite care that suits your family.


  • Incontinence Care

    • Our team are proud to say that they provide the most discreet and confidential care to their patients. If your loved one is suffering from incontinence we can arrange care. Thus, ensures they are treated with dignity and respect.
    • For more information on our carers and to see how we can help your loved one call 725356.

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