Covid -19

From 11 May, you continue to be advised to Stay at Home when you can. You can be outside your home for up to 6 hours each day in total, and in the following circumstances, observing physical distancing and hygiene at all times:

when you need to shop, which should be as infrequently as possible
for daily safe outdoor activity. This can include for example exercising, caring for animals, relaxing and eating on beaches or in parks
for any medical needs, including providing care to others
Later in Level 3, if COVID-19 remains under control, these restrictions on personal movement will be fully lifted. This decision will be based on medical advice and the latest data.

People vulnerable to COVID-19
For people with certain medical conditions, and for people of older ages, there are additional risks if you become infected with COVID-19.

During Level 3, if you are regarded as vulnerable to serious complications of COVID-19, you are encouraged to continue to limit contact with people you don’t live with to reduce the likelihood of becoming infected.

Everyone’s situation is different, and if you are regarded as vulnerable to serious complications of COVID-19, you need to make a personal choice about the extent to which you wish to continue to shield yourself from becoming infected, by staying at home and limiting physical contact. You should talk with your GP or consultant if you need help understanding your own levels of risk, in the context of your own personal situation.

The general advice continues to be:

those people who are in the ‘severely vulnerable’ group because of their much higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 (those with serious underlying medical conditions, see definition on are strongly encouraged to continue to shield themselves at home
people vulnerable, but not ‘severely vulnerable’ to serious complications of COVID-19 (those with less severe medical conditions, see definition on are advised to follow general public health measures but to be especially careful to do so, especially when outside the home. If you work, you may choose to attend your workplace if you agree with your employer that you can do so safely. You may also choose to take medical advice to inform this decision. As for the population generally, those able to work from home should continue to do so.
Social events and gatherings
Events remain prohibited, with the exception of funerals and emergency marriages.

You should continue to limit social contact to help restrict the spread of COVID-19. However, as an individual and or as a household, you can meet with up to 5 other people a day (individuals or a household group containing a maximum of 5 people), as long as a physical distance of 2 metres is maintained between all those that do not live together.

If you do choose to see others socially during Level 3, think about including those who live on their own or may be struggling with isolation or loneliness.

Because the risk of transmission is higher indoors, you should still not meet people you don’t live with inside your home or go inside others’ homes for social purposes. If you have a garden large enough, you can have up to 5 people you don’t live with visit you in your garden. We recognise that if you can do it safely, being able to have visitors to your garden can help you feel more connected. Larger groups of visitors in gardens however remain prohibited at this stage of the pandemic.

If needed, you can go into someone’s home in order to care for them. If you need to do this, please follow the important public health advice.

Weddings and funerals
Until further notice, funerals are limited to a maximum of 10 people, with appropriate physical distancing at the Crematorium or graveside, and churches remain closed. Emergency marriages can be considered on a case-by-case basis, such as where one of the parties is in an end-of-life situation.

Outdoor activities
This is any activity or exercise that takes place entirely in the open air. You should continue to take sensible precautions to minimise the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19:

physical distancing of 2 metres between non-household members is upheld at all times
good hygiene is maintained (like hand washing or using alcohol-based sanitisers, not touching your face and that surfaces and touch points are kept disinfected)
any activity should not have an associated unreasonable risk that might put pressure on blue light services and the hospital through accidents occurring
Outdoor activities can now include spending time in someone else’s garden, assuming the above conditions can be adhered to. You still should not go inside someone else’s home.
We recommend you wear cloth masks when outside your home to help reduce the spread of the virus.

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